What Does It Do ?


The LIFE System Quantum Biofeedback device uses the information it receives from the client’s energy field to determine and send appropriate stress-relief signals back to the client.

Based on the program’s reading of our energy field, LIFE System sends stress-relief signals on a quantum level to support and enhance different levels of health – physical, mental, and emotional.

The equipment identifies areas of stress and potential stress translated from the body and picked up from the field of the client, then sends signal that decreases stress, clearing and rebalancing the field. A BioFeedback Session provides information about your personal stressors and allows you to enhance your health and well-being through frequencies specifically generated by the equipment’s read of your field. The mechanics of the feedback-and-response rely on signal modulation technology.

Unresolved or ongoing stress leads to physical symptoms. Imbalances usually begin at the cell level, progress to tissue and organ level, and may eventually involve the whole body system if the stress is not relieved. That’s why the system can be enormously helpful for people who have been overstressed, or simply overwhelmed.

To  schedule a session with Butterfly Journeys and Dr Suzanne, contact Dr Suzanne directly using the email form here on the site. Dr Suzanne works with each client individually to answer questions and discuss pricing, and she sets up a treatment plan or a single session depending on the needs and interests of each client. 

Disclaimer: The LIFE System is an FDA registered biofeedback device for stress management and relaxation. It does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

Initial Biofeedback Session $120


New Comers Special
$99 for your first session

To Schedule or Discuss Sessions

Contact Dr. Suzanne J. Shurbet, D.C.