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Quantum Biofeedback

The LIFE Quantum Biofeedback System uses biofeedback to measure the body’s electro-magnetic activity via a series of different electromagnetic responses. The system then compares the tri-vector resonant frequencies of the body which it calculates with the frequencies of nearly 7000 known compounds in its database.

The system provides the results for practitioner and client in easy-to-understand numbers, charts, and text. The system is very simple to operate. Most everything is done by the LIFE System data programs.

The system evaluates the information received during the assessment part of the session through a high-end visual graphic interface. Based on that information, the system then chooses enhanced therapy modalities to calm the mind and the body. The system is also able to offer “challenges” to the individual for adjustment work to be done by the client’s own body-mind. This is part of the feedback process, whereby the system sends the client’s  own information back to him/her so that the client’s own body-mind can evaluate that as information and rebalance as needed.

To  schedule a session with Butterfly Journeys and Dr Suzanne,  contact Dr Suzanne directly using the email form here on the site. Dr Suzanne works with each client individually to answer questions and discuss pricing, and she sets up a treatment plan or a single session depending on the needs and interests of each client. 

Disclaimer: The LIFE System is an FDA registered biofeedback device for stress management and relaxation. It does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

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