Biofeedback – How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Quantum Biofeedback


The Biofeedback system responds to stress signals that are coming from different levels of the body-mind.

The system relieves emotional stress by clearing underlying emotional conflicts, and addresses the mental stress that comes from day-to-day living.

LIFE System Biofeedback also works to calm spiritual stress. Spiritual stressors may come from our underlying fear of death, connecting to fears around aging, around loss of health, and fears of accidents, or what we cannot control.

By working on the higher levels and removing these more “invisible” forms of stress, the Biofeedback System lowers physical stress.

In addition, the system addresses physical stress issues directly. In response to the bio-information from the client energy field, the Biofeedback system provide information on dietary and nutritional corrections or additions that the client may benefit from. The system also feeds back information regarding additional treatment approaches that may benefit the client. Such recommendations may include, for example, specific homeopathic solutions, electro-acupuncture, meridian and naturopathic balancing.

Each client receives a personalized program for longer term self-care based on the system’s assessment, and recommendations regarding changes or additions to his or her own self-care regimen.

Stress Relief Programs Available from LIFE SYSTEMS:

  • Revitalize Physical Body

  • Boost Immunity

  • Increase Emotional Harmony

  • Improve Sleep

To  schedule a session with Butterfly Journeys and Dr Suzanne, contact Dr Suzanne directly using the email form here on the site. Dr Suzanne works with each client individually to answer questions and discuss pricing, and she sets up a treatment plan or a single session depending on the needs and interests of each client. 

Disclaimer: The LIFE System is an FDA registered biofeedback device for stress management and relaxation. It does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

Initial Biofeedback Session $120


New Comers Special
$99 for your first session

To Schedule or Discuss Sessions

Contact Dr. Suzanne J. Shurbet, D.C.