The Healing Touch

REIKI (Ray-Kee)

Reiki has Japanese origins and uses energy coming from the practitioner’s hands to ease and to heal. Healing Touch tm, now used in hospitals and clinics across the US, is very much like Reiki. In Reiki, the practitioner transmits soothing or healing energy from his/her hands to the client, often without touching the client at all.

While this may sound too simple to be effective, it has been found that some people actually do have stronger energy fields coming from their hands than other people have. This is especially true for healers who work with their hands, like Dr Suzanne. 

In a Reiki session, Dr Suzanne offers this healing energy from her hands to the client’s energy field from head-to-toe. The client’s energy field then uses what it needs of this extra energy to clear blocks and “disentangle knots” in the energy of the field. Dr Suzanne may pause at some places during the treatment when she finds spots that can use extra energy for repair.

As with other healing techniques, Reiki can be done long-distance. Dr Suzanne taps into your energy field and holds that image as she works. In a session, she may find information in your field that is helpful for your healing, and she will communicate this to you. Often this guidance has been available to us, sitting in our energy field, but we have not perceived or integrated the information, so a Reiki session can “bring through” this intelligence for us.

Because a Reiki session relieves stress and promotes relaxation, it also has the following benefits, according to the Cleveland Clinic:

  • Fosters tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery
  • Stimulates your body’s immune system
  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Relieves pain and tension
  • Brings on a meditative state
  • Supports the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis

In addition, studies show that Reiki treatments may also create feelings of

  • Peace
  • Relaxation
  • Security and Wellness

To  schedule a session with Butterfly Journeys and Dr Suzanne, contact Dr Suzanne directly using the email form here on the site. Dr Suzanne works with each client individually to answer questions and discuss pricing, and she sets up a treatment plan or a single session depending on the needs and interests of each client. 

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