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Dr. Suzanne J. Shurbet D.C.

Quantum Biofeedback

In relating my experience with biofeedback, I have to highlight a couple of realizations.

First, it is incredibly thorough in reading the body energies so that weak areas can be identified. Nutritional supplementation is recommended and I have found that most of the nutrition recommended has been appropriate to meet my needs.

Second, I find the insights it provides to be very helpful in my journey towards improved wellness. The energy pathways that are unfamiliar to me provide opportunity for learning.

I highly recommend scheduling a biofeedback session with Dr. Shurbet.

Denise Orton, Nutrition Response Clinician and Certified Reflexologist 

Denise’s Wellness: Clinically Designed Nutrition and Reflexology, McAllen, TX   217.565.1181                                                                                      

As a healer myself for 30+ years and a Doctor of Chiropractic I allow only what I consider the best healers to work on me. I have known and worked with Dr. Suzanne Shurbet both in person and remotely for 15 years. She is a highly skilled healer with a number of tools at her disposal. Dr. Suzanne’s wisdom, maturity and compassion flow freely each time she has worked on me, and she has the gift of stabilizing me on all levels of my being when I need it most.

I find Dr. Suzanne’s Shamanic work grounding, richly rewarding and with the depth needed to get to the source or root of a malady.

When Dr. Suzanne uses Quantum Biofeedback for healing & rebalancing me she is gifted in knowing the various avenues to get the information and frequencies I need for my healing process. I am truly amazed with each treatment and she always makes it fun. Dr. Suzanne has the gift of laughter.

With the above testimony it is my honor and pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Suzanne Shurbet for one’s healing needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Dr Louise Cash (retired) Mimbres, New Mexico 

The biofeedback is incredible! To say I was skeptical is an understatement. After having my son’s done, I decided to see if it was a fluke… So I had mine done too. I was floored by the results. And after we learned what was going on, we were able to get it all under control and on our way to health again!! Now my entire family of five has been on the road to doing better.                                                                                                       Young Mom, Michigan


After regaining my strength and healing from a major operation, I found myself struggling in other ways. My physical path to healing had been relatively easy, but the surgery had triggered old trauma, and I was left feeling deeply wounded on more of a soul level. Suzanne and I talked about what I was experiencing , and she chose Shamanism to facilitate my psychic and energetic healing. The result was remarkable. I gained clarity and got relief immediately. Suzanne identified the trauma source, gave me clear and simple instructions, and led me through the process. She explained what she had found, and we talked about a couple of strategies I could use moving forward. Long term, the good result I experienced has continued to be stable. Suzanne is a gifted healer, and if you’re thinking she can help you, you’re right! Being a healer isn’t only what she does, it’s who she is.  You’ll be in good hands.

Tara K

I’ve known Dr Shurbet now for over a decade. She has transformed my life not only with her spiritual and emotional guidance, but also her ability to physically heal through her chiropractic and shamanistic skills. She truly is the real deal. I met her years ago as a skeptic and non believer, both in the realm of alternative medicine and as an atheist. Her teaching and healing opened my heart and mind. Now, both the spirit world and medicinal alternatives are an integral part of not only my own practice, but also that of my daily life. She continues to help guide and heal myself and my family to this day. I know I would not be where I am today without her expertise, her experience, and her compassion.

Brett Sprtel, MD


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