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LeeAnn Taylor

Welcome to Butterfly Journeys, the Home of Multi-Modality Support for Less Stress, More Relaxation, and Greater Wellness

From quantum level healing work to deep care for the body, Dr Suzanne Shurbet, DC, owner and creator of Butterfly Journeys, offers an array of holistic healing methods that help regenerate, revitalize, and rebalance body, mind, and spirit.

For work on the quantum level, Dr Suzanne uses LIFE System Quantum Biofeedback, Shamanic Journeying, and Reiki sessions – all methods that work in the realms of energy, and then translate into the physical. Because work in the energy realms can be done remotely, Dr Suzanne works with clients across the world as well as across the room, and the sessions are all just as effective whatever the distance.

For more info on quantum level work, take a look at the section on Distance Healing.

And there is more info on each type of session in Services.

Butterfly Journeys is also a place for deep care for the body. Dr Suzanne provides both IonicCleanse and Cold Laser treatments. Both these techniques use cutting-edge technology to help the body detox (IonicCleanse) and heal on the musculoskeletal level (Cold Laser). Check Services for more info on these as well.

With this spectrum of possibilities, Butterfly Journeys offers the opportunity to experience greater body-mind-spirit wellness.

The butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformation. The metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly is a beautiful analogy of our own life’s journey of renewal and rebirth. We are all butterflies ….

…and we invite you to explore how Butterfly Journeys can help you discover new levels of balance, ease, wellness, and understanding.


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